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Jul 25, 2022

Bring hands-on Revit training into your business with the help of CARMI Design Group. Our architectural design experts can help your employees make the transition from AutoCAD to Revit through simple to follow, interactive training sessions. Your team members will quickly learn the tools of the trade to better optimize their Revit capabilities and workflow. We offer  specialized training sessions that cover everything from basic software knowledge to complex building systems. 

Each training program  begins with a one-to-two hour session at your office to evaluate your staff’s current Revit capabilities. All training is customized to your team’s needs.

Revit Basic Training

  • Creating floor plans
  • Creating building elevations
  • Cutting sections
  • Setting up and placing views
  • Setting up sheets and plotting
  • Defining grids and levels
  • Placing walls, doors, windows, etc.
  • Creating your own wall types
  • Creating floors and roofs
  • Creating schedules and legends
  • 2D drawing tools – you don’t have to draw everything in 3D!
  • Annotation and Dimensioning

Revit Intermediate Training – How to Load and Place the Following Families:

  • Furniture, plumbing fixtures, mechanical items, etc.
  • Structural Items (Columns, beams and foundation elements)
  • Custom families found outside Revit
  • Your own custom families (see below for more of this)
  • How to create details, including the use of detail components
  • Adding and tagging elements like rooms and door numbers
  • Modeling stairs and railings
  • Modeling roofs
  • Modeling and tagging ceilings


Revit Advanced Training

  • Setting up and optimizing 3D views
  • View templates
  • Foundation plans 
  • Framing plans 
  • Advanced scheduling techniques
  • View filters
  • Presentation and Rendering techniques
  • Advanced documentation techniques (tags, keynotes, key schedules, key plans, etc.)
  • When and how to use “Duplicate as Dependent” and Match Lines
  • Manage the Revit Project/Environment
  • Link CAD drawing files, Revit files, and images. 


    Project Manager Revit Training

    We can also provide training to anyone on your team that uses Revit on a more “part-time” basis. This might include project managers or others that only need Revit to:

    • Open and save Revit files
    • View the Revit model
    • Print views from the model or sheets in the file
    • Duplicate views for their own use and analysis
    • Visibility issues – why aren’t elements showing up in the views?
    • Minor text and dimensioning changes or additions

    This customized training can be attended by as many team members in each session as you need, or your schedule permits.


    Construction Drawings Revit Training

    There is much more to Revit than its 3D capabilities. Using the program to design the look of a building or concept is only one part of the equation. CARMI Design Group Production Manager, Steve Blackburn, teaches clients the ins and outs of Revit, from basic software knowledge to constructing complex building systems so contractors have access to everything they need when construction begins. Learn more about our interactive Revit training sessions, from basic Revit training to advanced documentation techniques. Fill out our revit training contact form below to get connected with our team and book the training option that works best for your team.


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