Success Learning Center

Port Huron

Success Learning Center | Port Huron, Michigan

Our most recent virtual learning center project, located in Port Huron, Michigan, will be the first two-story build-out in the program. Due to the growth at this location in recent years, it became necessary to relocate to a facility with additional space. Since Success Virtual Learning Centers have been part of the community for the past five years, it was important to remain in the central business district. When the historic Mosher building became available, Success was excited about repurposing one of the most recognizable buildings in town. Construction of the nearly 6,000 square foot space is expected to be complete in the late Spring or early summer of 2022. The first floor will be dedicated to learning with flexible instructional space, the director’s office, break room, and support areas. Administrative areas and conference spaces will be located on the second floor.

Floor Plans Shown Below

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