Tanner Leininger

Project Architect

Tanner Leininger, son of president and founder Tony Leininger, holds a Master of Architecture degree from Andrews University. He is looking forward to taking his Architect Registration Examination (ARE) in the near future. Being the son of an architect, he was exposed to the world of architecture at a young age and naturally fell in love.

Tanner’s role with the firm has evolved over the past 15 years. He started with CARMI in high school working part-time and continued through college. As a teenager he started to learn the fundamentals of what it takes to become an architect. He credits the blend of education he received from Andrews University and CARMI for his well-rounded understanding of the industry. Tanner has worked full-time for CARMI since 2012 and plays a crucial role in the company’s daily operation. Currently, Tanner has many responsibilities in the firm, but particularly enjoys the details of construction; he is passionate about learning how to develop construction drawings to better assist the builder throughout the construction process.

Outside the office, his interests don’t stray too far from architecture. He loves to work with his hands to build and create, and hopes to one day build his own home. Early in college Tanner learned of the historic understanding of a Master Builder and has been attracted to the notion ever since. To become a Master Builder an architect must not only be possessed of the theoretical knowledge of engineering and of the details of building construction, but he must become the divisor of methods of construction (Master Builder = Architect + Engineer + Constructor). Tanner is also a passionate sports enthusiast. He loves playing the game of golf and finds himself at peace when playing it. He is also a huge fan of his favorite football teams, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Green Bay Packers.